Bachata Underground XXL 2023

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The first Bachata Underground XXL with artists coming from Spain for the first time in Helsinki & some local talent. The weekend is produced by organisers of Summer Outdoor Bachata events in Helsinki. It will be one of the last workshops of Igor & Rocio together as they recently took different career paths. It’s a 3 day event that will be located in Balanssi Studio. There’s an optional 1h masterclass with Igor & Rocio for advanced students.

✮✮✮ Artist Line up ✮✮✮
⭐️ Igor & Rocio 🇪🇸
⭐️ Cristian & Gabriella 🇪🇸
⭐️ Alex & Sveti 🇩🇪
⭐️ Hasan 🇹🇷 🇱🇹
⭐️ Jordi & Noora 🇫🇮

🎧 DJ Laurent
🎧 DJ Babak

🏨 Main venue name and address
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🔸 30% off for dancers living outside of Finland. Use the discount code “HFUUJK”
A lot of the passes already sold out. Still available party passes.

🙎🙍🏻‍♀️ Festival size: S – Less than 300 participants

✈️ Travel information:
Recommended nearby hotel. Holiday Inn Helsinki West (room for two with breakfast ~€125/night)

More info from the organization:

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