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BtoB Dance Fesstival Bucharest 2024
April 12, 2024
📍BTOB BACHATA TAKES OVER BUCHAREST 2024 (Spring Edition)🗓 12TH – 15TH APRIL 2024, BUCHAREST (ROMANIA)From the creators of one of the most known bachata festivals in Romania Bachata Takes over Bucharest (BtoB) arrives their Spring edition. The event will take...
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Masters of Bachata 2024 - Marseille 7th edition
April 19, 2024
📍MASTERS OF BACHATA 2024 – MARSEILLE ED. 7🗓 19TH – 22ND APRIL 2024, MARSEILLE (FRANCE)Masters of Bachata 7th edition, happening from the 19th to the 22nd of April 2024 in the french city of Marseille. This festival is a must-attend...
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Bachata a otro nivel y mas Festival Toulouse 2024
April 26, 2024
📍BACHATA A OTRO NIVEL 2024🗓 26th – 28th APRIL, TOULOUSE (FRANCE) “Bachata a Otro Nivel 2024,” a weekend-long celebration set in the picturesque city of Toulouse. This new edition keeps getting bigger. This festival, that started as a one-day-event, brings...
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Pure Bachata Summer Festival 2024
📍PURE BACHATA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024🗓 FRIDAY 3RD – 6TH MAY 2024, COLOGNE (GERMANY) A new edition of “Pure Bachata Summer Festival” 2024 in the vibrant city of Köln, Germany. This festival, by the active german school Tanzraum, lead by Xi,...
Terra Livre Dance Festival 5 Summer Edition Role Rotation
June 7, 2024
📍 TERRA LIVRE DANCE FESTIVAL 5 EDITION. ROLE ROTATION FESTIVAL EUROPE.🗓 05 – 07 JUNE 2024 – TALAVERA DE LA REINA, TOLEDO (SPAIN)  By Tiago & Felipe arrives the 5th edition of “Terra Livre Dance Festival”, the first SBK festival without gender...
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Adicto Berlin Bachata Festival 2024 - BBF24
📍 ADICTO BERLIN BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024 – BBF24 🗓 21 – 23TH JUNE 2024 – BERLIN (GERMANY) New edition of Adicto Berlin Bachata Festival, their biggest summer with an improved line up compared to their other events during the year...
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Love Dance SB Festival July 2024
📍LOVE DANCE FESTIVAL X JULY 2024🗓 5th – 7th JULY 2024, SANTA SUSANNA (SPAIN) 10th edition of “Love Dance Festival”. Three days of pure dance euphoria at the Love Dance Festival X, returning to Hotel Don Angel in Santa Susana....
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BayChata Festival Bay Area San Jose California 2024
📍 BAYCHATA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 JULY 12th – JULY 15th, 2024, SAN JOSE, BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA (USA)🔥 Promo Code Discount Available Baychata Festival 2024, making its grand appearance in the heart of summer in California! The event that will bring a...
Amsterdam Sensual Dance Fest 2024
📍AMSTERDAM SENSUAL DANCE FEST SUMMER 2024🗓 19 – 21st JULY 2023, AMSTERDAM (NETHERLANDS) Amsterdam has a short but beautiful summer weather! So if you are lucky you might still get sunny beautiful days next 19-21st July during the newest edition of...
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Bailame Cracow Bachata Festival 2024 Summer Fiesta Edition
📍 BAILAME CRACOW 2024 – Fiesta Summer Edition🗓 19th – 22ND JULY 2024, KRAKOW (POLAND) 🔥 Promo Group Discount Available Wanna dance with the best polish social dancers of Poland in a 100% Bachata Event? Shhh! it’s a secret, but it’s one...
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