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Latin Dance Festival 2023
December 7, 2023
🔥 Promo Discount code Available - The Latin Dance Festival in Lloret de Mar is back, one more time! This highly anticipated winter festival, organised by a team lead by Adrian (Adrian & Anita), is a must-attend event for all dance enthusiasts. With some of the craziest parties, thematic nights, and even "unexpected" clandestine parties during the day.
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Bachata Sensual World Congress 2024 BSWC
January 5, 2024
🔥 Promo Discount Available The second edition of Bachata Sensual World Congress (BSWC) by Korke & Judit will take place in Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava) in January 2024, becoming one of the first TOP festivals of the year to attend. Fans of Bachata Sensual from all over the world will meet in this top level dance congress, where you will be able to lear from great worldwide artists, the pioneers of Bachata Sensual, Korke & Judith, and many Bachata Sensual artists, teachers & ambassadors.
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Cambré Dance Festival Bilbao 2024
January 26, 2024
📍 CAMBRÉ DANCE FESTIVAL BILBAO 🗓 26th – 28TH JANUARY 2024, BILBAO The third edition of Cambré Dance Festival, will bring in January one of the biggest bachata events in the Basque Country, by Cambré Dance School in cooperation with...
Terra Livre Dance Festival 4 Winter Edition
February 2, 2024
📍 TERRA LIVRE DANCE FESTIVAL 4 WINTER. ROLE ROTATION FESTIVAL EUROPE.🗓 02 – 04 FEBRUARY 2024 – TALAVERA DE LA REINA, TOLEDO (SPAIN)  By Tiago & Felipe arrives the 4th edition of “Terra Livre Dance Festival”, the first SBK festival without gender...
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Esencia Bachata Masters 2024
February 9, 2024
📍ESENCIA BACHATA MASTERS 2024🗓 9 – 11th FEBRUARY 2024, MADRID (SPAIN)🔥 Promo Discount Available New event arrives to the Spanish capital by a cooperation between Esencia Nights & Bachata Fusion Events. The first edition of “Madrid Bachata Masters” that aims to...
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Dominican Flow Festival 2024
February 23, 2024
📍 DOMINICAN FLOW FESTIVAL 2024🗓️ 23 – 25th FEBRUARY 2024, CULLERA, VALENCIA (SPAIN)🔥 Promo Discount Available A new event for traditional bachateros is here! This first edition of the Dominican Flow Festival, by Anthony & Carla, promises an immersive experience...
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World Latin Congress 2024 Toledo Madrid
February 29, 2024
📍WORLD LATIN CONGRESS 2024🗓 29th FEBRUARY – 3rd MARCH 2024, TOLEDO, MADRID (SPAIN) Second edition of the World Latin Congress, a spectacular gathering of the world’s best salsa and bachata dancers in the historic city of Toledo, Spain. Hosted in...
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The Weekend 2024 BCN Sensual Family Bachata Lloret de Mar
March 6, 2024
📍 BCN SENSUAL FAMILY – THE WEEKEND 2023🗓 6 – 10TH MARCH 2024 – LLORET DE MAR 🔥 Promo Discount Available In March 2024, get ready for a top lineup at BCN Sensual Family’s “The Weekend” event, returning to Lloret...
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Bachata Fever Zaragoza Congress 2024
March 15, 2024
📍FEVER BACHATA CONGRESS ZARAGOZA 2024🗓 15th – 17th MARCH 2024, ZARAGOZA (SPAIN) 🔥 Promo Discount Available Fever Bachata Zaragoza Congress 2024 (Universal Edition) repeats in Hotel Diagonal Plaza hotel in Zaragoza, this time as “Universal” edition. The third edition of this...
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La liada - Juan Piece 2024 Spring Edition
March 22, 2024
🔥 Promo Discount Available📍 LA LIADA WEEKEND 2023 – “El Juan Pis” y la busqueda de la habitación del tesoro🗓 02th – 05th NOVEMBER 2023 – LLORET DE MAR New edition of La Liada Weekend in Lloret de Mar (spring...
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