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Bachataland Barcelona Bachata Festival
February 2, 2023
📍BACHATALAND BARCELONA CONGRESS🔥PROMO DISCOUNT CODE AVAILABLE🗓 02ND FEBRUARY – 06TH FEBRUARY – LLORET DE MAR A new event by “Bachata Spain” that will arrive in winter time near Barcelona area, in Lloret de Mar It will be the 3rd edition of...
Bachata Made in Cadiz - Bachata Festival
February 9, 2023
📍 MADE IN CÁDIZ 2023🗓 09 – 12TH FEBRUARY 2023 – CADIZ (Spain) “Made in Cádiz – The Original” claims to be the best place to continue learning & improving your Bachata, as Bachata sensual was born in Cadiz. After...
Bachatea World Congress Madrid 2023
February 10, 2023
📍X BACHATEA WORLD CONGRESS 2023🗓11 – 13TH FEBRUARY 2023, MADRID (SPAIN) X Bachatea World Congress arrives to the 10th anniversary edition and a Dani J concert. After cancelations and last editions with issues, changes of venues & complaints, Bachatea returns...
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Esencia Bilbao Festival
February 24, 2023
📍 ESENCIA BILBAO FESTIVAL🗓 24th – 26TH FEBRUARY 2023, BILBAO In the Basque capital we will encounter the second edition of Esencia Bilbao Festival. A small-mid sized festival that aims to grow as a reference in the north of country. A mixed...
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Afrolatin Caribe Party Congress Galicia
March 3, 2023
📍AFROLATIN CARIBE PARTY CONGRESS 2023🗓 03rd – 05th MARCH 2023, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (GALICIA – SPAIN) In the north-west of peninsula Iberica, Galicia also tries to get in the map of Bachata events in Spain. That’s the intention of Son Swing...
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The Weekend BCN Sensual Family
March 9, 2023
📍 BCN SENSUAL FAMILY – THE WEEKEND 2023🗓 9 – 13TH MARCH 2023 – LLORET DE MAR 🔥 Promo Discount Available The second edition of BCN Sensual Family weekend for 2023 arrives this year with an extended line up and...
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Fever Bachata Zaragoza Congress
March 17, 2023
📍FEVER BACHATA CONGRESS ZARAGOZA 2023🗓 17th – 19th MARCH 2023, ZARAGOZA (SPAIN) 🔥 Promo Discount Available Fever Bachata Zaragoza Congress 2023 (Hogwarts Edition) is a new event by Fever Bachata Events, the creators of Fever Bachata World Congress 2023 in Valencia....
7 Rosas International Congress Madrid
📍7ROSAS INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2023🗓 31ST MARCH – 02nd APRIL 2023 – MADRID (SPAIN) The same weekend of March-April Madrid will be hosting a couple of big festivals. The newest edition of Rosas International Congress will be taking place between 30th march...
World Latin Congress 2023
📍WORLD LATIN CONGRESS 🗓 31ST MARCH – 02nd APRIL 2023 – MADRID (SPAIN) Madrid will host in early April a new International Salsa & Bachata congress that will try to bring back the Spanish capital to the center of the dance...
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La Liada Campus Edition by Esencia Nights
April 13, 2023
🔥 Promo Discount Available📍 LA LIADA WEEKEND 2023 – CAMPUS EDITION 🗓 13th – 16th APRIL 2023 – LLORET DE MAR When spring comes it’s time for a new edition of La Liada Weekend in Lloret de Mar. Organized by...
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