bachaakizzz featured
February 3, 2022
POSTPONED 2023 Bachaa Kizzz Sensation, don't miss this BK Festival in the south west of Germany. A great & mixed line up for the month of February. Due current restrictions it will be a learn & practice formula.
Bachatation Featured
February 25, 2022
In the german city of Karlsruhe will be held a new edition of Bachatation, Germany's Bachata Festival. With 3 days of bachata & over 40 workshops, great shows & performances and dancers from all over germany.
bachata germany featured
One of the first Bachata Festivals in German: "Bachata Festival 2022" is moving to a new All-In-One location. Among the Festival hightlights there will be live bachata concert with Kewin Cosmos and a good line up for 4 days of incredible Bachata Parties until the morning.
ADICTO The Bachata Experience Lithuanian Edition
Another weekender with innovative format to continue moving the Berlin bachata scene. ADICTO arrives with a Lithuanian Edition Experience, a weekender that will bring Lithuanian artists to Berlin for a weekend full of dance & learning. As organizers claim: "Are you tired of seeing the same artists over and over again at every event with the same content?"
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tanzraum featured updated
School Tanzraum presents the “Pure Bachata Summer Festival 2022”. The first week of May & presented as “3 days filled with workshops, practice nights as well as wonderful dances”. The event, taking place in one of germany’s oldest cities, Cologne, will bring a mix of international & local couples. Location will be at Tanzschule Tanzraum school premises in the center of town.
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Do you live in Germany and love social dancing? You are from abroad but wanna check new faces and the german growing teaching talent? Then DJ's Got us Feeling in love, in May, might be a perfect fit for you. 3 days of social dancing with top international DJ's & with parallel lessons with local german instructors. An open air special edition in Stuttgart
RITMO Berlin Bachata Edition
itmo Berlin 22 dance festival (Bachata edition) is arriving at the end of May at the Soda Club Berlin (Kulturbrauerei Berlin). The dance festival „Ritmo Berlin“ is focused on Bachata, as organizers claim Berlin "has already huge festivals of Salsa and Kizomba". The organizers inform it will be a weekend "full of traditional and sensual Bachata" with both international & local artist's & DJ's.
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adicto featured cover
In late June when the weather is improving it will be a perfect time to visit Berlin, the german capital, for the Adicto Berlin Bachata Festival. Know by their smaller but different adicto atmosphere events arrives Berlin Bachata Festival by Adicto, with a good line up and a mix of "artists with different styles & backgrounds.
August 5, 2022
Second edition of Frankfurt Bachata Level Up in Frankfurt. A small-mid size event to be held inn 400m2 in "biggest Dance School in Hesse, the Tanzschule Weiss". With two international couples and artists from all over Germany. The event, organized by Edu&Olga will also host a Jack & Jill competition. A format of social dance competition that we love!
Bachata Festival Hamburg
September 30, 2022
📍BACHATA FESTIVAL HAMBURG🗓 30TH SEPTEMBER – 02nd OCTOBER 2023 – HAMBURG (GERMANY) Called “Hambur’s bachata event of the year” Bachata Festival Hamburg arrives to the second edition offering a compact line up of well known bachata faces & local talent. The...
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