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Tallinn Bachata Festival 2024
📍 TALLINN BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 MAY 24th – 26th MAY 2024, TALLINN (ESTONIA) Second edition of Tallinn Bachata Festival, brought by a collaboration by two local dance studios: Bachata Studio Tallinn and Euphoria Studio Tallinn. This year’s festival will feature a line-up...
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Esencia Bilbao Festival 2024
📍 ESENCIA BILBAO FESTIVAL 2024 🗓 31th MAY – 2nd MAY 2024, BILBAO In the Basque capital we will encounter the third edition of Esencia Bilbao Festival. A small-mid sized festival that aims to grow as a reference in the north of...
Kaunas Bachata Festival 2024
📍KAUNAS BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 JUNE 6th – JUNE 9th 2024, KAUNAS (LITHUANIA)Kaunas Bachata Festival 2024, arrives to its 3rd edition. The event is held in the city of Kaunas, the second largest in Lithuania and it’s a collab project of...
Terra Livre Dance Festival 5 Summer Edition Role Rotation
June 7, 2024
📍 TERRA LIVRE DANCE FESTIVAL 5 EDITION. ROLE ROTATION FESTIVAL EUROPE.🗓 05 – 07 JUNE 2024 – TALAVERA DE LA REINA, TOLEDO (SPAIN)  By Tiago & Felipe arrives the 5th edition of “Terra Livre Dance Festival”, the first SBK festival without gender...
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Sea Sun Salsa 2024 - Croatian Summer Salsa Festival Rovinj
June 10, 2024
📍ROVINJ CSSF – CROATIAN SUMMER SALSA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 10th – 17th JUNE 2024, ROVINJ (CROATIA) 🔥Promo Discount Available. Many news for Rovinj 2024. SSD Rovinj – Summer Sensual Days will be postponed to 2025 to another city and the 20th...
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The Sensual Fammily Holidays Gran Canaria 2024 - Promo Code Discount
June 11, 2024
📍THE SENSUAL FAMILY HOLIDAYS GRAN CANARIA 2024🗓 11 – 17th JUNE 2024, GRAN CANARIA (CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN)🔥 Promo Code Discount Available A new addition by The BCN Sensual Family Team that will take place in the Canary islands (Gran Canaria). A...
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Madrid Urban Bachata Festival 2024 - Promo Code Discount
📍 URBAN BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 14th – 16th JUNE, 2024, ARANJUEZ, MADRID (SPAIN)🔥 Promo Discount Available By the creators of Bachata Spain International Festival, a new option for spring-summer days in Madrid. If you’re a fan of modern Bachata, Bachata...
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Flow Latino Festival 2024 Cadiz
📍FLOW LATINO FESTIVAL 202🗓 14 – 16th JUNE 2024, CALAS DE CONIL, CÁDIZ, (SPAIN) When summer is starting it’s a perfect time to visit Cádiz. A new cooperation between Esencia Nights & Smooth Bachata (By Pablo Raquel) that will also be...
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Adicto Berlin Bachata Festival 2024 - BBF24
📍 ADICTO BERLIN BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024 – BBF24 🗓 21 – 23TH JUNE 2024 – BERLIN (GERMANY) New edition of Adicto Berlin Bachata Festival, their biggest summer with an improved line up compared to their other events during the year...
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Bucharest Latin Congress 2024
June 21, 2024
📍BUCHAREST LATIN CONGRESS 2024🗓 21ST – 24TH JUNE 2024, BUCHAREST (ROMANIA) New SB event in the capital of Romania: The Bucharest Latin Congress 2024, happening from the 21st to the 24th of June. Your gateway to a vibrant celebration of...
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