Happy 2024! We are ready 🎉 New year of Bachata Festivals in Europe & beyond

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Bachata Festivals 2024 - Bachata Congress 2024

📍 2024 Bachata Congress & Festivals in Europe

If you’re thinking about attending a bachata festival in 2024, then you’re in luck! There are more festivals than ever before, with several events, festivals, weekends and congress happening around europe every weekend. In the next weeks & months the calendar will be updated with new events. Now it’s time to check & find one that’s perfect for you.

Start planning your trip today!

  • Buy your tickets early. Bachata festivals tend to sell out quickly, so it’s important to buy your tickets as early as possible. In bachataloves.me you will be able to find promo codes to get a discount in your passes.
  • Book your travel and accommodation in advance. If you know that you will go to a certain festival, plan ahead, don’t leave your plane tickets or acommodation for lastminute, as prices in 2023 & 2024 have been going up.

Are you looking for some specific festivals? Some months to travel? Or some great destinations? Until the year ends… in this page we will make a quick summary for you.

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