Latin Crazy Tribe 2023
February 23, 2023
📍LATIN CRAZY TRIBE DANCE FESTIVAL DUBAI 🗓 23 – 27th FEBRUARY 2023 – DUBAI (UAE) Slowly with more and more events, Dubai is rapidly becoming the Dance Hub of the Middle East. Latin Crazy Tribe Dance Dubai wants to bring...
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Afrolatin Caribe Party Congress Galicia
March 3, 2023
📍AFROLATIN CARIBE PARTY CONGRESS 2023🗓 03rd – 05th MARCH 2023, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (GALICIA – SPAIN) In the north-west of peninsula Iberica, Galicia also tries to get in the map of Bachata events in Spain. That’s the intention of Son Swing...
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The Weekend BCN Sensual Family
March 9, 2023
📍 BCN SENSUAL FAMILY – THE WEEKEND 2023🗓 9 – 13TH MARCH 2023 – LLORET DE MAR 🔥 Promo Discount Available The second edition of BCN Sensual Family weekend for 2023 arrives this year with an extended line up and...
Kyiv Dance Festival Ukraine 2023
March 9, 2023
📍 KYIV DANCE FESTIVAL 🇺🇦🗓9 – 12TH MARCH 2023 – KYIV (UKRAINE) *** Due still current ongoing Russian war event is waiting for official confirmation when will be able to be celebrated. In 2022 the event was going to be...
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El Sol Warsaw Festival
March 10, 2023
📍EL SOL SPRING EDITION ALL IN 1: SBK🗓 10th – 13th MARCH 2023 – WARSAW (POLAND)🔥 Promo Discount Available El Sol, one of the most famous European festivals in Autumn arrives with a spin-up & smaller Spring edition: “All in 1:...
Istambul International Dance Festival
March 22, 2023
📍 ISTANBUL DANCE FESTIVAL 2023 🗓 22 – 29TH MARCH 2023 – ISTAMBUL (TURKEY) At the end of March arrives Istambul Dance Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Turkey, where you will be able to join thousands of dancers...
Elegancia World Dance Congress
April 14, 2023
📍ELEGANCIA WORLD DANCE CONGRESS 2023🗓 14th – 17th APRIL 2023 – VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Postponed due the pandemic and after the end of their dancing cooperation as King & Queen of Elegancia (Leo & Jomante) the Elegancia World Dance Congress will...
Like a BOS Festival goes to Ibiza
April 20, 2023
📍BOS IBIZA HOLIDAY 2023🗓 20TH – 24TH APRIL 2023, IBIZA (SPAIN) If you ever danced in London (UK) you know that BOS means (Bachata on Saturdays) one of main UK weekly dance events. And that means BOS Ibiza Holiday is a...
World Stars Salsa Festival Bulgaria
April 28, 2023
📍 WORLD STARS SALSA FESTIVAL🗓 28th APRIL – 2nd MAY 2022, ALBENA – VARNA (BULGARIA ) The 7th edition of “World Stars Salsa Festival – Albena” will arrive at the beginning of May in Bulgaria. This SBK event it’s considered...
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Esencia Paradise Dance Congress 2023
May 4, 2023
🔥 Promo Discount Available📍ESENCIA PARADISE DANCE CONGRESS 🗓 04TH – 07TH MAY 2023, LLORET DE MAR (SPAIN) Esencia Paradise Dance Congress is an exciting new addition to the world of dance events. Hosted by Esencia Nights, this congress is set...
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