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Tallinn Bachata Festival 2024
📍 TALLINN BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 MAY 24th – 26th MAY 2024, TALLINN (ESTONIA) Second edition of Tallinn Bachata Festival, brought by a collaboration by two local dance studios: Bachata Studio Tallinn and Euphoria Studio Tallinn. This year’s festival will feature a line-up...
Bachatastars Poland 2024
📍BACHATASTARS POLAND 2024🗓05 – 07th JULY 2024, WARSAW, POLAND A small sized weekender in Warsaw, with local participants, and a short lineup with one international couple and 3 polish instructors. Indeed usually might not look a “big congress” or event...
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Bachata Geneva Weekend 2024
September 27, 2024
📍 BACHATA GENEVA WEEKEND 2024. Geneva Welcomes Spain🗓 27 – 29th SEPTEMBER 2024, GENEVA (SWITZERLAND) From the creators of “Bachata Geneva Festival” arrives “Bachata Geneva Weekend 2024 – Geneva Welcomes Spain” . At the end of September Switzerland will host...
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la Liada Toriyama Tribute - Liada 7.0 Lloret de Mar
November 7, 2024
🔥 Promo Discount Available📍 LA LIADA BACHATERA WEEKEND 2024 – 7.0 “Akira Toriyama Tribute” by Esencia🗓 07 – 11th NOVEMBER 2024 – LLORET DE MAR Are you fan of Goku or Arale? Then don’t miss the newest edition of La...
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Tallinn Bachata Experience 2024 - Promo Code Disscount
November 8, 2024
📍 TALLINN BACHATA EXPERIENCE 2024🗓 08 – 10th NOVEMBER 2024, TALLINN (ESTONIA) Tallinn Bachata Experience grows in the third edition. Leaves the Tallinn Bachata Studio, in which the event was held until now and moves to an amazing looking venue...
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