Bachata BOOST Festival 2023

The Hague Bachata Boost Festival 2023

The 5th anniversary edition of Bachata BOOST Festival arrives to The Hague, dutch administrative center. A small sized festival organised by Bachata Passion (NL) by Geno & Steffie & that will bring between 01 – 03th December a line up of national & international artists. Organisers claim to have small groups with family atmosphere with max of 300 participants, but at the same time with a good line up of both sensual & Dominican artists. Limited full passes available & with different level tracks.

Luis & Andrea, in Bachata Boost 2022.

⭐️ Chami & Julie (ES)
⭐️ Igor & Gloria (ES)
⭐️ Irene & Tomas
⭐️ Kiko & Christina
⭐️ Sergio & Ana
⭐️ Sergio & Beige
⭐️ Carolina Rosa
⭐️ Julio & Linda
⭐️ Junior & Carolina
⭐️ Sueco & Johanna
⭐️ Bachata Passion

🎧 DJ Chami (DE)
🎧 DJ Limbo Latino (NL),
🎧 DJ Juan
🎧 Sir Benjamin (NL)

🏨 Main venue
Bachata Passion, Visseringlaan 19/23 2288 ER Rijswijk

🎟 Buy your passes here

There will be 5 different tracks.
Bachata Impr/Int track
Bachata Int/Adv track
Bachata Adv+ track
Dominican track
Ladies track
Information regarding LEVELS. The placement of the levels will be done by the organization (Geno & Steffie) based on videos, certificates, and/or personal dance experience.

S – Less than 300 participants

🗓🕺🏻Sunday party: No sunday party. Sunday there will be still lessons. On Friday & Saturday be aware that program mentions party will only go until 2.30am, but starting at 21h. Norther Europe times, not for those used to party in Spain.

More info from the organization:
Geno & Steffie

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