Oslo Bachata Festival 2023

Oslo Bachata Festival 2023

🗓 24 – 26th MARCH 2023, OSLO (NORWAY)

The 2nd edition of the Oslo Bachata Festival will arrive at the beginning of spring & in the heart of the city center. According to the organisers the venue will have a “fantastic dance floor, sound, lights, and a friendly and affordable bar” for Norwegian prices. The event will have a mix of international and local artists, but also a mix of SBK for all the tastes, with main focus in Bachata. One more opportunity to keep developing bachata in the nordic countries! For international visitors, don’t expect parties until the morning, it’s the nordics!

Dance City the organization behind Oslo Bachata Festival – 2nd edition

⭐️ Jorge & Aroa 🇪🇸
⭐️ Jesus Ortiz 🇪🇸
⭐️ Alberto & Marta 🇪🇸
⭐️ Luismi & Mariangel 🇪🇸
⭐️ Vrajim 🇫🇮
⭐️ Miguel & Sunsire 🇪🇸
⭐️ Thomas & Laila 🇳🇴
⭐️ Fabian & Livia 🇸🇪

Friday: Social until 1am from 9pm
Saturday: Social until 3am from 9pm
Sunday social: from 13 until 16h. & in local school 19.30 – 23h

More info: www.oslobachatafestival.com

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