Wild Divas Lady Style – Rome 2023

Wild Divas 2023 Lady Style Congress

🗓 20th – 22nd JANUARY 2023, ROME (ITALY)

After postponing the event due the pandemic, Wild Divas Bachata Lady Style Congress 2023 is ready for a come back. A congress suited for dancers that want to improve their lady styling, with workshops, bootcamps, lady style teacher courses, shows & social dance. But if you are a leader and also interested in your styling there will be a mini track for man style too!

The event will be held in Rome, at Mercure Roma West hotel, and organizers promised “the biggest stars of the international scene with whom you will have the opportunity to improve technique, style and musicality”. Their moto: “Rediscover the pleasure of being a woman through dancing!” The event will also included Bootcamps by Sara Panero & Maria Angeles and a Lady Style Teacher Course by Simona Buonanno.


⭐️ Sara Panero (+ Lady Style Bootcamp)
⭐️ Simona Buonanno (+Teacher Course)
⭐️ Maria Angeles (+ Lady Style Bootcamp)
⭐️ Magda & Valeria
⭐️ Raquel Castro
⭐️ Reem
⭐️ Evelyn la Negra
⭐️ Carolina Rosa
⭐️ Maria Luneva
⭐️ Cris Llusa
⭐️ Gabriele Di Marzo
⭐️ Anna Navarro
⭐️ Patri Lozano
⭐️ Marina Imas

⭐️ Marco Espejo
⭐️ Oscar El Niño
⭐️ Sol

🎧 DJ Evelyn La Negra
🎧 DJ York
🎧 DJ Patrick

🏨 Mercure Roma West Hotel. Via Eroi de Cefalonia, 301

🎟 Full pass Lady Style from 85€ and Men pass from 55€.
Also available Gold Pass (front row on workshops)
and extra add-ons on Boot Camps, Lady Teacher Training, etc…
🎟 Wild Divas 2023 – Tickets on (Soy Salsero)
More info from the organizers:
📲 +39 ‭3382903665‬

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