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Malaga Temptation Festival 2023 Golden Edition
November 29, 2023
The newest edition of Malaga Temptation (Gold Edition) arrives between 30th November to 04th December 2023. One more edition the Temptation brand, known for their Kizomba only events, is expanding a bit more into Bachata in every edition. Temptation will offer in warm december Malaga a really strong line-up in both Bachata & Kizomba.
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Viva la Bachata Europe 2024
April 25, 2024
🔥 Promo Discount Available📍 VIVA LA BACHATA EUROPE 2024🗓 24th April – 29th April 2024, MÁLAGA (SPAIN) Viva la Bachata (US) returns to Europe in 2024 for their second edition in the sunny city of Málaga, in Spain. The event...
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