Warsaw Meetup Featured 1
March 18, 2022
March 2022 arrives the 7th edition of Warsaw Bachata Meet Up! a weekender know for their social Jack & Jill competition. Might be a small size event, with just one international Couple Luis & Andrea, but you will love dancing in Poland. Are you ready for contest?
Bachatastars Poland
We are fans of dancing bachata in Poland... and that's why even if it's a "small" weekender, we love to highlight Warsaw events here. You might have heard the brand Bachatastars, a competition that made popular some current famous names in the bachata world. This weekender will have as special guests the creators of Bachata Sensual, Korke & Judith, plus some hours with polish bachata instructors... During the event also a Bachatastars polish edition, Jack & Jill competition and 3 nights of parties not to be missed.
warsaw infinity dance congress
September 1, 2022
At the beginning of September Warsaw awaits for a Kizomba congress with a touch of Bachata. This edition with "more teachers, more DJ's & more madness". A all-in-on hotel event with two separate rooms (UrbanKiz/Kizomba & Bachata). The event will include 3 parties and also day socials. As per organizers motto: "Let’s dance to Infinity and beyond…"
El Sol Warsaw Festival
November 10, 2022
After 2 years pandemic, El Sol is ready to make true their motto again "Make History Together. Again". Their 17th edition will offer a "temporary location", as the main hotel were event was happening is going to be refurbished. El Sol, one of the biggest festivals of Europe, will have 1 hotel for party rooms and 3 hotels as workshop venues. With a total of more than 130 hrs of workshops, 65 international instructors & DJs and participants from all over Europe dancing Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba from 10-14th November.
Warsaw Bachata Meet up 2023
March 24, 2023
📍 WARSAW BACHATA MEET UP! 8th EDITION🗓 24 – 26th MARCH 2023 – WARSAW This March 2023 arrives the 8th edition of Warsaw Bachata Meet Up! A small sized event, with only two (but great) international couples teaching, that still...
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