D&D Be Unlike Sevilla Daniel & Desiree
September 12, 2024
📍 D&D BE UNLIKE 2024 (By Daniel & Desirée) 🗓 12th – 15th SEPTEMBER 2024, SEVILLA (SPAIN)New edition of D&D Be Unlike, by Daniel & Desiree. The fans of the aclaimed couple have another excuse to visit Sevilla this upcoming...
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Queens Day Bachata Festival 2024 Madrid
📍 QUEEN’S DAY BARCELONA 2024🗓 27 – 30th SEPTEMBER 2024, MADRID (SPAIN) Going back to madrid, Queens Day is growin and becoming a full congress. A project led by Mª Angeles, will be back to madrid between 27-30th September. It’s...
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Adam Bachata Festival 2024 - Promo Code Discount
November 1, 2024
📍 A’DAM BACHATA FESTIVAL 2024 🗓 1ST – 3RD NOVEMBER 2024, AMSTERDAM (NETHERLANDS) The first week of November arrives the 6th anniversary edition of A’dam Bachata Festival, co-organized by Sara & Dario & local Bailemos Dance school. A winter festival...
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Bachata Sensual World Congress 2025 - Punta Umbria - Promo Code Discount
January 3, 2025
📍 BACHATA SENSUAL WORLD CONGRESS 2025🗓 3 – 6TH JANUARY 2025 – PUNTA UMBRIA, HUELVA (SEVILLA, ANDALUCIA SPAIN)🆕 IMPORTANT LOCATION UPDATE🔥 Promo Discount Available One of the best social dances of the year you can have it at Bachata Sensual...
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