crazy lion featured
January 21, 2022
POSTPONED TO 2023. First edition of Crazy Lyon Bachakizz Congress in Malmö, Sweden. According to the organizers will be "Scandinavia's biggest Bachata & Kizomba experience" with 40h+ classes and parties until breakfast!
bachaakizzz featured
February 3, 2022
POSTPONED 2023 Bachaa Kizzz Sensation, don't miss this BK Festival in the south west of Germany. A great & mixed line up for the month of February. Due current restrictions it will be a learn & practice formula.
Untitled design
March 4, 2022
POSTPONED 2023. The 8th Edition of Bachata Day, that was intended for February-March 2020 (days before pandemic) will be happening in Milan in 2023 between the 03th - 05th of March.
Egypt Sensual Festival Featured
March 27, 2022
The second edition of Egypt Sensual Festival (from March 27 - April 3rd, 2022) will be held in the coastal city of Hurghada, at the the Red Sea shores. An all-inclusive festival where you will not just be able to dance but also a do a lot of tourism in a full travel&dance experience.
Mariposa Sensual Festival 22 Featured
May 20, 2022
By the Adriatic Sea and in the region of Dalmatia, arrives the first edition of Mariposa Sensual Festival. Located by he Adriatic sea & dalmatian coast the event will take place in the beautiful Hotel Pinija in Petrčane (Zadar). A all in one venue Bachata & Kizomba event with 3 social night parties and workshops from Friday to Sunday.
Barcelona Temptation Sensual Edition Festival
May 30, 2022
One of the most well known and international festivals of Kizomba in Spain (including Malaga edition) is getting closer to bachata world with this sensual edition, where Kizomba meets bachata. Pool parties, dancing until morning and kizomberos coming from all over Europe await for you in Lloret de Mar at the beginning of June.
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Opatija SSD Summer Sensual Days
June 3, 2022
The "pre-festival" of "the festival". Or let's say the little brother-sister from one of the biggest events in Europe. A warm up of Summer Sensual Days in magical locations to start enjoying the Croatian coast, that's Opatija. To be celebrated the weekend 2nd - 5th June 2022. Join hundreds of bachateros & kizomberos at the Start of Summer Sensual Days craziness.
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SSD Rovinj Summer Sensual Days
June 6, 2022
Considered one of the best festivals of Europe, SSD Summer Sensual Days will shine this year again. A "top sensual experience to couple of thousands of bachata and kizomba dancers coming from all around the world". Restrictions are lifted in Croatia, so expect parties until sunrise in a week of crazyiness, dance, pool parties, boat parties, pre-parties, afterparties and dance all over the city! What happens in Rovinj, stays in Rovinj!
dutch kizomba meets bachata
June 16, 2022
In the dutch city of Helmond, just 20 minutes ride from Eindhoven airport arrives the 8th edition of Dutch Kizomba Festival (meets Bachata). A Kizomba festival adding a touch of bachata. The organizers promise a “luxurious venue, with 3 days of quality workshops, 4 days of parties with space for more than 1000 dancers”. So if you are a bachatero willing to learn Kizomba, but can’t think of a night without bachata… this might be your event!
Nottingham Festival Featured
July 8, 2022
Bachakizz Nottingham festival arrives in July to the 6th edition. After covid times the festival will come back -according to the organizers- "bigger & better than ever" with 4 room event format (Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, Mixed social room / urbankiz)
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