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Few meters away from the french lake arrives the 1st edition of Annecy Bachata Lake Festival, a new dance event in an ideal location. A “magical event” according to the organizers that aims to be “full of surprises & crazines” with a mix of local & international lineup.
annecy bachata festival 2022
August 10, 2022
By the lake, in a beautiful surrounding location & region arrives arrives a new edition of Annecy Bachata Festival. A bachata festival with local & spanish artists in a family atmosphere to enjoy some summer holidays by the lake.
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annecy alpes bachata congress Featured
September 2, 2022
Before autumn arrives we have an opportunity to enjoy the views of beautiful Annecy Lake, located in an alpine french region close to the Switzerland border. The first edition of "Alpes Bachata Congress" will take place from 2nd to 4th September in the luxurious 4 stars hotel Impérial Palace, with amazing views to the lake. The event will have a mix of TOP international lineup of artists & the upcoming french growing talent.
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