Adicto: The Big 1 – Marco & Sara

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Adicto The big 3 - Grupo Esencia

The Adicto team in Berlin recently added one more event fo finnish the season. A Bachata Experience with Grupo Esencia between November 25-27th. This event, is the first of a new series of events “The Big 3” that will bring top artists to Berlin in a small and reduced format. With Marco y Sara, Gero & Migle, will also join DJ Dimen5ions and DJ Alejandro.

⭐️ Marco & Sara
⭐️ Gero & Migle
⭐️ Grupo Esencia (Marco – Migle, Gero – Sunsire, Eivynd – Josy)
🎧 DJ Alejandro
🎧 DJ Dimen5ions
🎧 official Grupo Esencia DJ, DJ Pier

The event will include up to 10 hours of Partnerwork (4h with Marco and Sara), 2 parties & 12 hours off social dancing. There will be the opportunity to take a 3h Sara Panero Styling bootcamp (not included in Fullpass) or man styling with Marco. The organizers plan to keep a limited number of participants “to ensure private class feeling and intimacy”.

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There will be different pass options:

🎟 Full Pass: valid only for 1 of the BIG 3 events
🎟 Adicto Pass: 1 Full Pass each valid for all the BIG 3 events + Official ADICTO T-shirt

Tickets are not refundable but name changes are allowed.
All tickets are sold online. There will not be any ticket sales at the door.

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