Annecy Bachata Lake Festival 2024

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Annecy Lake Festival 2024

🗓 27 JUNE- 01st JULY 2024 – ANNECY (FRANCE)
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3rd edition of Annecy Bachata Lake Festival, a fresh summer dance event in an ideal location by the lake in the beautiful french city of Annecy, located not far from Geneva International event. Meet the charm of this beautiful town with our passion for dance. Set in the idyllic surroundings of Le Pré du Lac, this event promises an unforgettable blend of workshops, night parties, pool parties, and socials. With an offer to access the SPA for just €9, and a family-like atmosphere welcoming dancers from all over Europe. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Annecy.

Melvin & Gatica, at Annecy Bachata Lake 2022

Sensual & Fusion
⭐️ Pablo & Raquel 🇪🇸
⭐️ Sergio & Ana 🇪🇸
⭐️ David & Ines 🇪🇸
⭐️ Yannick & Martiane 🇫🇷
⭐️ Nino & Monica 🇮🇹

Traditional & Dominican
⭐️ Cristian & Katarina 🇩🇴🇸🇮
⭐️ Antony & Carla 🇩🇴🇪🇸
⭐️ Meline 🇩🇴
⭐️ Koko 🇩🇴

✮✮✮ DJ LINE-UP ✮✮✮
🎧 DJ David Pedron
🎧 DJ Pablo
🎧 DJ Momo

Teaser for the first edition of Annecy Bachata Lake

🏨 Main Venue: Le Pré du Lac, 4* holiday center, full board accommodation, a few steps from the lake.
Full pass and full board from 295 € in family rooms..
From 419 € in single room.

🎟 Full pass, only 100 available besides packs.
Buy your tickets here
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