Baltic Sensual Days Jurmala 2024
July 19, 2024
📍BALTIC SENSUAL DAYS 2024🗓 19th – 21st JULY 2024, JURMALA (LATVIA) New SBK in the Baltic Summer. As the organizers claim “bachateros, Kizomberos & Salseros, get ready for the first Baltic Sensual Days in Jurmala!” The event organized as a...
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Amsterdam Sensual Dance Fest 2024
📍AMSTERDAM SENSUAL DANCE FEST SUMMER 2024🗓 19 – 21st JULY 2023, AMSTERDAM (NETHERLANDS) Amsterdam has a short but beautiful summer weather! So if you are lucky you might still get sunny beautiful days next 19-21st July during the newest edition of...
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Bailame Cracow Bachata Festival 2024 Summer Fiesta Edition
📍 BAILAME CRACOW 2024 – Fiesta Summer Edition🗓 19th – 22ND JULY 2024, KRAKOW (POLAND) 🔥 Promo Group Discount Available Wanna dance with the best polish social dancers of Poland in a 100% Bachata Event? Shhh! it’s a secret, but it’s one...
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Prague Bachata experience 2024
August 30, 2024
📍 PRAGUE BACHATA EXPERIENCE 2024🗓 AUGUST 30th – SEPTEMBER 1st 2024, PRAGUE (CZECH REPUBLIC)⭐️ Discount Promo Code AvailableCelebrate the 5th anniversary of the Prague Bachata Experience! Enjoy three days of workshops, two big parties, and a Jack & Jill competition....
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Bindaas Bachata Festival September 2024
September 6, 2024
🔥 Promo Discount Available📍 BINDAAS BACHATA AMSTERDAM 2024 – Edition 5 – Bachata Festival🗓 06 – 10th SEPTEMBER 2024, AMSTERDAM (NETHERLANDS) 5th edition of the BINDAAS BACHATA Festival in Amsterdam. Created by bachater@s and for bachater@s, another opportunity to dance...
madrid zouk Bachata congress 2024
September 12, 2024
📍 MADRID ZOUK BACHATA CONGRESS 2024 🗓 12 -16th SEPTEMBER 2024 – MADRID (SPAIN) Zouker@ that also loves Bachata? Bachater@ that also loves Zouk? This is a trend in 2024. So if you like both disciplines Zouk & Bachata maybe...
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Bachata Rafting Autumn Edition Connection Festivals 2024
📍BACHATA RAFTING – SPRING CONNECTION FESTIVAL 2024.🗓 27th – 29th SEPTEMBER 2024, RT RAFTING CENTER – TARA RIVER CANYON (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)🔥 Promo Discount Available Get ready for a second edition of this unique concept. Do you like adventure sports...
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Madrid Esencia Festival 2024 - Promo Code Discount
October 18, 2024
📍 MADRID ESENCIA FESTIVAL 2024🗓 18 – 20th OCTOBER 2024, MADRID (SPAIN)🔥 Promo Discount Available Fifth anniversary edition of Madrid Esencia Festival, by Grupo Esencia (Marco & Sara) in Madrid between between 18-20th October, with the best national & international...
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Mamma Mia Bachata Weeked Fall edition 2024
October 25, 2024
📍MAMMA MIA BACHATA WEEKEND AUTUMN 2024 EDITION🗓 25TH – 28TH OCTOBER 2024, TORINO (ITALY) Second edition of a fresh & new italian weekend event born with the aim to attract international crew to Torino, italy’s fourth largest city. A small...
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Tallinn Bachata Experience 2024 - Promo Code Disscount
November 8, 2024
📍 TALLINN BACHATA EXPERIENCE 2024🗓 08 – 10th NOVEMBER 2024, TALLINN (ESTONIA) Tallinn Bachata Experience grows in the third edition. Leaves the Tallinn Bachata Studio, in which the event was held until now and moves to an amazing looking venue...
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